How Geezabars™ Work

The premise for these bars is to place hands and arms in their natural position.

When you walk, swinging your arms, notice that the natural tendency is for your arms to move to a position that is in front of your body, not directly back and forward.

Plus – at their forward position, your hands will actually be on approximately a 45 degree angle to the vertical. This will feel ‘right’. Also – while walking – if you take a line along each of your arms and continue those lines past your hands when your arms are in their natural position and both held out in front of you, the lines would meet very soon.

This does not happen on standard bars so that the lines would not meet. Both the hoods and the drops promote this more natural angle which results in the ends sort of pointing outwards a bit but that is the natural position.

And the ‘tightness’ of the tops is actually not all that far from the natural position when both arms are held out in front. I suggest you try that for yourself and be aware of how it feels.

If it does not feel natural, this may be simply that you are more used to having your arms in a more un-natural position. Try it regularly and I am sure you will eventually be aware of how natural it feels.

Because of the natural positioning of hands and arms, this bar that you are receiving should allow many people of different body sizes to fit it. It does away with measuring the distance between your acromion process in each shoulder.

Next – the tops are curved back plus down. Which takes some of the pressure off of the heel of your hands that standard bars result in. Which reduces nerve compression.

However this may result in a need to fit a slightly longer bar stem so that the bars do not finish up being closer to the rider than your usual fit.

Being closer to the rider can sometimes cause wrist pain.

If you do not have a longer stem on hand, I suggest that you go ahead and fit the bars onto your present stem and try that for an initial test ride.

If you like them and wish to test further, then the expense of another stem may be warranted.

Third – the ‘reverse’ curves built into the tops and the drops is designed to fit into the same curve of your hands.

Cup your hands, as if holding onto bicycle bars. You will see a concave shape, which is the opposite of standard bars.

Fourth – The distance down to the drops is markedly less than standard bars. A deference to back and neck care on long rides. Though Tim Houck would have liked more drop when in a head wind. I know that you like to use the drops often and so I look forward to your feedback on this aspect.


I’ve used the GeezaBars for almost a week now and they continue to impress.

Charlie Lotte, USADue to my arthritic shoulder joints and the consequent atrophying of my triceps, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my bike’s handlebars. I’ve bought and tried numerous configurations including touring (“butterfly”) bars and aerobars but they have not relieved my problems. The GeezaBars, although they look at least somewhat like regular road “drop” bars, are actually quite different. After trying to figure out why they were so comfortable it became clear that the guiding principle behind the GeezaBars (great name by the way) was to place the hands and therefore the wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulder joints into a normal, natural position. If you stand up straight, hands at your sides, and look at yourself you will see that the palms of your hands do not face your legs, nor do they face behind you – they face roughly halfway between these two positions. This is the angled, natural position of your palms and it is this angle that drives the geometry of the GeezaBars. The bars do not extend straight out from the stem like just about every other bar, mountain or road, but are angled slightly back and down. When you ride “on the tops” your hands rest comfortably in a normal, angled position. If you want to ride “on the hoods” you’ll find that this position too is angled and it is, in my opinion, this slight additional bend that makes these handlebars radically different from others.

Pretty easy to fit, just undo gear/brake levers, slide off old bars, replace old bars with Geeza bars on stem, slide on brake/gear levers, position and tighten, replace bar tape.

Gavin Eade, 54, New ZealandAfter riding 180km on Xmas day, (2nd ride on them) I was pleasantly surprised. I normally would have clip on aerobars for a ride of this distance but this time went "naked" and didn't use them. First ride was a 5 plus hour non-stop ride to test Geezabars out. They were comfortable for the entire ride as normally I would stop every so often to give my wrists a rest. Zero wrist pain with these and could have ridden longer.

It allows me to have a more upright position. I feel this is good for longer rides.

Mark Tagawa, 52, USAI noticed that I experienced significantly less numbing with the GeezaBars. I've had a problem with numbness in my hands when riding, especially on longer rides. When riding with the GeezaBars, sometimes while riding long stretches I would move my hands to the drops. When I did, I found that I didn't really need to go forward to access the controls, but I instead could stay more toward the rear. When riding with the GeezaBars, I noticed I could hold the bars on the outside of the "ramps", the corners between the tops and the hoods. I spent a significant amount of time in that position. The "extra ends" make it seem like there are bars there to hold. I found that I didn't spend much time riding in the tops, even while doing significant climbing. When climbing, I spent more time in the hoods or ramps.

I found myself riding more and more in the drops which was the most comfortable position.

Debra Banks, 60The things I really like about them: the splay of the bar ends in an outward fashion. This brings me to a wider stance in the drops which makes for better cornering etc. Other bars I’ve used with a splay has been too much and I felt like they had opened my chest up too much in reaching outward. Not so with these - just the right amount. Really nice. I found myself spending more time in the drops as a result.