Ride Like You Walk.

Revolutionary GeezaBars are here to keep your arms in their natural position while cycling.

What’s a Geezabar™?

It’s exactly as the name sounds, designed for those with the strength and heart to continue with cycling as their passion at any age. I designed Geezabars as a way to make cycling more comfortable for myself, and as time progressed and I put more miles in with my cycling friends, others saw that I could make a difference for them as well. With my design in hand and my eyes on the road, Geezabars can now be a part of your cycling experience.

– Pete Eade

100% Custom Design

Geezabars are a revolutionary product, designed to provide maximum comfort and fit, making you feel more like walking than riding.

Amazing Quality

Each set of Geezabars is custom and handmade to order, ensuring top notch quality and craftsmanship that is required to ensure longevity and durability.


Each set is hand made-to-order. We work with each customer to ensure complete satisfaction. Due to this, we have a limited number of production sets each year.

Give Geezabars a try.

Right now, we are offering and introductory price of only $425.00!